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Antelope Enterprise Holdings, Ltd.



Antelope Enterprise Holdings, Ltd. is a diversified company that manufactures ceramic tiles in China. Antelope's ceramic tiles are used for exterior siding, interior flooring, and design in residential and commercial buildings. Antelope's products, sold under the "Hengda" or "HD" brand, the "Hengdeli" or "HDL" brand, "TOERTO", "WULIQIAO" and Pottery Capital of Tang Dynasty brands, are available in over 2000 styles, colors and sizes combinations and are distributed through a network of exclusive distributors or directly to large property developers. Their subsidiary, Chengdu Future Talented Management and Consulting Co, Ltd., provides business management and consulting. Antelope's subsidiary, Antelope Holdings (Chengdu), Co., Ltd., provides fintech solutions which includes the development of blockchain software.

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Centurion ZD CPA Ltd

SPAC (November 16, 2007)

British Virgin Islands

Hong Kong

David Rudnick, Precept IR


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