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Bilibili represents the iconic brand of online entertainment with a mission to enrich the everyday life of the young generations in China. With its website first launched in June 2009 and officially named Bilibili in January 2010, Bilibili has evolved from a content community inspired by anime, comics and games (ACG) into a full-spectrum online entertainment world covering a wide array of genres and media formats, including videos, live broadcasting and mobile games. Bilibili provides an immersive entertainment experience and high-quality content that caters to the evolving and diversified interests of its users and communities, and has built its platform based on the strong emotional connections of its users to its content and communities. Bilibili pioneered the "bullet chatting" feature, a live commenting function that has transformed the viewing experience by displaying thoughts and feelings of other audience viewing the same video. Bilibili has now become the welcoming home of diverse cultures, interests, and a destination for discovering cultural trends and phenomena for young generations in China.

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Pricewaterhousecoopers Zhong Tian LLP

IPO (April 28, 2018)

Delaware, USA

Wujiaochang, Shanghai, China

Wujiaochang, Shanghai, China

Juliet Yang, Internal

86-021-2509-9255 ext. 8523

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