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BONSO Electronics International, Inc.



BONSO Electronics International, Inc. designs and manufactures sensor based scales on both OEM/ODM bases. Bonso designs, develops, manufactures a broad line of electronic scales, weighing instruments and health care products that are used in consumer, commercial, and industrial applications for the global markets.
Bonso's highly capable R & D and manufacturing team is well experienced in handling new product design, prototyping, manufacturing set-up, most economic component sourcing, total quality management, and just-in-time delivery to meet its customers' requirements in top standard.
Bonso's factory is fully vertical integrated with all self-contained facilities including load cell assembly, SMT, wire bonding, mold making, plastic injection, metal stamping, spray painting, silk-screening, final assembly, quality control, and logistics. To cope with the business growth, intensive investment has been made on advanced production to enable highest level of accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

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Moore Stephens CPA Ltd

IPO (June 1, 1993)

British Virgin Islands

Shenzhen, China

Xinxing, Yunfu Guangdong, China



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