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Concord Medical Services Holdings, Ltd.



Concord Holdings ("CCM") has been deeply engaged in the field of cancer imaging diagnosis and radiotherapy services for a long time, and is committed to providing patients with high quality, international, patient-centered multidisciplinary diagnosis, and treatment services.
CCM contains three main businesses: 1) multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment premium cancer hospitals featuring proton therapy: Beijing Proton Medical Center, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, Shanghai Concord Cancer Center; 2) Level II Cancer hospitals and independent medical institutions: Datong Meizhong Jiahe Cancer Center, Wuxi Meizhong Jiahe Cancer Center, Shanghai Meizhong Jiahe Cancer Center, Shanghai Meizhong Jiahe Medical Imaging Diagnosis Center; 3) Image Diagnosis and Radiotherapy Cooperation Centers.
CCM has signed 10 years cooperation agreement and a proton training cooperation agreement with MD Anderson Cancer Center to build and operate MD Anderson brand cancer hospitals in China. The Premium Cancer Centers in Guangzhou and Shanghai have been approved as level III hospitals, which are under construction. Concord Medical Hospital Management Group, is a subsidiary company of CCM, who obtained strategic investment from large state-owned financial institutions such as CICC Capital and other financial institutions in March 2018.

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