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China Customer Relations Centers, Inc.



China Customer Relations Centers, Inc. is a leader in China's call center and e-commerce backstage service outsourcing industry. It has established strategic cooperation relations with nearly 100 leading companies in the Internet, e-commerce, communications, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries at home and abroad. China Customer Relations Centers' provides comprehensive customer service solutions, call center operation outsourcing, e-commerce back-office operation outsourcing, call center and e-commerce back-office talent training, dispatch, marketing service outsourcing, enterprise cloud customer service, and other core outsourcing services. Beijing Taiying Technology Co., Ltd. is the sales and market headquarters, Shandong Taiying Technology Co., Ltd. Tai'an Base is the operation, technical headquarters and project, talent incubator base, and 23 operating outsourcing bases in 12 provinces and cities across the country.

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MaloneBailey LLP

IPO (December 21, 2015)

British Virgin Islands

Shandong, China

Locations across China

Sherry Zheng, Weitian Group LLC


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