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China Foods Holdings



CFOO is a health and wellness company. Aiming to provide a platform for improving users' life quality, CFOO develops, markets, promotes and distributes a variety of customized health and wellness care products and services, including supplements, healthy snacks, meal replacements, skincare products, and nutritional consultation services to consumers in China. CFOO works with certain licensed healthcare food factories to develop and manufacture products and services that are distributed conventionally through sales agents and also through a network of e-commerce and social media platforms. CFOO will develop diverse products which can improve users' life quality in order to make consumers' living environment and surroundings better. In addition to products, CFOO is committed to providing customized science based wellness consultation and service programs to customers. The diverse products and services target health conscious customers and differentiate based upon age and gender and seek to manage different conditions. CFOO reaches out to customers fitting certain health and lifestyle profiles through the offline and online consultation services, and tracks eating habits and health indicators to provide customized products such as supplements. CFOO believes this will facilitate the ability of customers to monitor, understand and adjust their health practices and lifestyle anytime and anywhere for increased customer engagement and retention

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Wanchai, China


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