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China Liberal Education Holdings, Ltd.



China Liberal Education Technology Co., Ltd. ("China Liberal") was founded by Hong Kong patriotic industrialists and many educators. The original intention of the China Liberal was to promote the internationalization of China's education through an international perspective, and contribute to China's transformation to an educational power.
As an innovative education resource integration and operation organization, China Liberal adheres to the core value of "integrity, professional creativity and innovation", and uses the national outline to encourage various types of schools at all levels to carry out various forms of international exchanges and cooperation to improve the internationalization of its country's education. Training a large number of international talents is an important instruction to create a complete industrial platform for Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, including project construction (data campus, system integration, foreign talent introduction), project operation (project application, operation, personnel management, curriculum construction, etc.), talent outputs(study abroad service, integration of production and education), according to professional and geographical layout, merger and unified management of similar projects.

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Friedman LLP

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Cayman Islands

Beijing, China


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