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Established in 2003, ChinaNet is the first listed company in China to build a versatile ecosystem on business opportunities for consumer expenditure. As an internet company transitioning to a SaaS based mode, its core focus is to promote business expansion and sales opportunities for SMEs. In order to do so, ChinaNet provides its SME customers with learning-based precision advertising and marketing SaaS service by combining internet/mobile advertising technology, cloud computing and data analysis systems.
ChinaNet's business has spread worldwide, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and North America. During 2015, ChinaNet began to build the Social Business Opportunities (SoBO) ecosystem to lay the foundation of anew future for the company. Through years of accumulated business experience and success with SMEs, ChinaNet has integrated its existing internet portals with an advertising and marketing SaaS service (CloudX) to include more sophisticated data-mining and analysis technology to discover and link the data on offline business operation with online marketing data, realizing online to offline (O2O) data linkage and integration.
ChinaNet now connects consumer behavior data by areas and business district, with online marketing and advertising activities. This helps SMEs and SOHOs to more precisely and efficiently manage their offline sales, and easily attract additional business through mobile and internet advertising and marketing.
The SoBO ecosystem is illustrated with the tagline: Magnetizing - Operating - Dealing - Paying. "Paying" is the end of every business activity cycle, but it is also the start of collecting operation data for a new business transaction. By providing customers with technology and service, ChinaNet solves two major problems faced by SMEs: expanding and managing sales with faster and more efficient methods, resulting in precise marketing and faster deal closing; which leads to shorter payment times, positive cash flow, and higher survival rates for SMEs and SOHOs as a result.

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Centurion ZD CPA, Ltd

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