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Global Cord Blood Corp.



Global Cord Blood Corp. is a life sciences enterprise dedicated to the storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Leveraging the rapid developments in life sciences research, and the increasing popularity and continuous new developments of clinical applications using stem cells, the Company endeavors to provide umbilical cord blood storage services for parents to save cord blood stem cells on behalf of their children, in China and the Asia Pacific regions, to safeguard the lives and health of their newborns. Global Cord Blood Corporation is the first cord blood banking operator approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH, now recognized as National Health Commission, or NHC), the People's Republic of China, to engage in the cord blood banking business. Global Cord Blood Corporation provides cord blood storage services in Beijing Municipality, Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province. Global Cord Blood Corporation is also the largest cord blood banking operator in China, and is one of the founders of the highly recognized non-profit organization - AsiaCORD (Asia Cord Blood Bank) Organization.

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