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China Recycling Energy Corp



China Recycling Energy Corporation is a leading developer
of waste energy recycling for industrial applications in China. China Recycling
designs, finances, constructs, operates, and eventually transfers energy saving and
recovery facilities for multiple energy intensive industries. China Recycling's waste energy
recycling projects allow customers who use substantial amounts of electricity
to recapture previously wasted pressure, heat, and gas from their
manufacturing processes to generate electricity. The company currently offers waste
energy recycling systems to companies for use in iron and steel, nonferrous
metal, cement, coal, and petrochemical plants. The company constructs its projects at
the customer's facility and electricity to be generated can be consumed
on-site by the customer.

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Goldman Park Kurland Mohidan

RTO (June 23, 2004)

Nevada, USA

Yanta, Shaanxi, China

Adeline Gu


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