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Farmmi, Inc.



Farmmi, Inc. is a leading agricultural e-commerce and technology enterprise, which aims to build a global trading platform for agricultural products. Farmmi manages an industry chain of internet marketing for agriculture products with agricultural technology research and development, family farm development, and product processing. Farmmi's products are sustainable, organic, green agricultural products, and healthy food.
Farmmi has multiple standardized cooperative family farms; including locations such as Qingyuan county, Songyang county and Liandu district in Lishui City, the Greater Khingan Mountains area in Heilongjiang Province, Henan Province, and Hubei Province to cultivate agricultural products.
Farmmi integrates an internet platform, offline experience shops, family farms, and factories. Farmmi's standardized family farms and food traceability system control food safety from the source to ensure product quality. Farmmi has established a complete quality control management system and has acquired HACCP international food safety and health system, BRC international food and QS certifications. Farmmi has several well-known brands such as "Forasen" and "Farmmi".
Farmmi has developed the "Farmmi" mall, an internet sales platform which has more than 50,000 members. Farmmi products are favored by vegan and vegetarian consumers. Domestically, the products sell in supermarkets, restaurants, and dining halls. Farmmi also exports to the United States, Japan, Canada, the Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, providing high-quality agricultural products worldwide.

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Friedman LLP

IPO (February 13, 2018)

Cayman Islands

Lishui, Zhejiang, China

David Pasquale, Global IR Partners


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