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Huaneng Power International, Inc.





Huaneng Power International, Inc. ("HPI") and its subsidiaries develop, construct, operate, and manage large power plants throughout China. With power plants broadly located in 26 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, HPI is one of the largest listed power producers in China. HPI also wholly owns an operating power company in Singapore.
HPI mainly engages in the development, construction, and operation of large power plants throughout China utilizing modern technology and equipment financed by international and domestic capital. As a power generation enterprise, HPI has since its inception focused on technical innovation, structural innovation, and management innovation. With the completion of many record-setting and landmark projects in China, HPI strives to promote rapid development of China's power industry and technical advancement in power generation equipment manufacturing and the enhancement of domestic power generation enterprises' technical capabilities and management skills. HPI built China's first 600MW supercritical generating unit, the first 1000MW unit and the first digitalized 1000MW class ultra-supercritical coal fired unit. HPI also built the world's first 1000MW unit with seawater desulfurization. The 660MW high efficiency ultra-supercritical unit constructed by HPI has the highest operating parameters in China. HPI also constructed the first ultra-supercritical unit with secondary reheating in China. HPI is the first power company in China achieved a "triple listing" status, with its shares traded on New York Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Shanghai Stock Exchange. HPI's technical-economic indicators and full labor productivity rank among the best in domestic power industry. HPI continuously optimizes its power generating structure and geographical layout by giving priority to thermal power generation and construction of high efficiency environmentally friendly large units, co-generation units and coal-electricity integrated development bases in economically vibrant regions. HPI strives to develop commercially viable wind power projects. Under certain conditions, HPI also engages in the development of gas fired power projects and investment in hydro-power projects and nuclear projects.

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