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Xiaobai Maimai, Inc.



Xiaobai Maimai, Inc. formerly known as Hexindai Inc., ("Xiaobai Maimai") is a social e-commerce platform. Xiaobai Maimai collaborates with domestic e-commerce platforms and offers users a wide selection of high-quality and affordable products on its new social e-commerce platform. Leveraging cooperation with mainstream e-commerce platforms, services marketplaces,its data analytics algorithm, and operating system, Xiaobai Maimai continues to identify and introduce cost-efficient products, and attract users to its platform and generate higher user satisfaction to realize the platform's fast growth.

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Location of Key Operations

IR Contact

Wei, Wei, & Co. LLP

IPO (Novermber 3, 2017)

Cayman Islands

Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Zenabo Ma, Internal

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