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IT Tech Packaging, Inc.



IT Tech Packaging, Inc. is a leading paper manufacturer in North China. Using recycled paper as its primary raw material, the company produces and distributes three categories of paper products: packaging paper (corrugating medium paper), offset printing paper, and other paper products, which include digital photo paper as well as tissue paper, a part of IT Tech Packaging's current business expansion plans.
IT Tech Packaging, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Shengde Holdings, Inc., controls and operates Baoding Shengde Paper Co., Ltd., and Hebei Baoding Dongfang Paper Milling Co., Ltd. Hebei Baoding Dongfang Paper Milling Co., Ltd is located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, at the center of the triangular region formed by Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang (60 miles to Beijing and Tianjin, respectively). The Beijing-Tianjin region is the cultural capital of China and home to a growing base of industrial and manufacturing activities and is one of the largest markets for paper products consumption in China.
Hebei Baoding Dongfang Paper Milling Co., Ltd ("Dongfang Paper") was initially established in 1996 as a packaging paper manufacturer. Today, Dongfang Paper serves over 100 packaging and printing companies and paper products distributors with a diverse product offering, including corrugating medium paper, high-grade offset printing paper and medium grade offset printing paper. Dongfang Paper enjoys close proximity to the greater Beijing area, a major paper consumption market in northern China. With its eco-friendly paper manufacturing process, Dongfang Paper has become a growing paper manufacturer in Northern China.
Established in June 2009, Baoding Shengde Paper Co., Ltd. is IT Tech Packaging's wholly owned subsidiary in China. IT Tech Packaging acquired two digital photo paper coating lines and commenced production and sales of digital photo paper in March 2010. In June 2016, it suspended the production of digital photo paper due to low market demand for its products and now is considering renovating the line to produce more competitive products. IT Tech Packaging expects that its digital photo paper production will remain suspended for the near future.
IT Tech Packaging began the commercial production of tissue paper products in Wei County Industry Park in June 2015. It processes base tissue paper purchased from a long-term supplier and produce finished tissue paper products, including toilet paper, boxed and soft-packed tissues, handkerchief tissues and paper napkins, as well as bathroom and kitchen paper towels, that are marketed and sold under the IT Tech Packaging, brand.

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