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One day in 1976 in the romantic French region of Provence, a family, already famous for its achievements in fashion design, welcomed the arrival of its newborn successor and named him Kempins. With his unique vision and distinctive personality, it was soon obvious that young Kempins had inherited his family's instinct and passion for design. As a young man, he developed his own unique aesthetic and design concepts. He dropped out of his professional studies and chose to go alone to see the world. He embarked on his world tour, looking for each new place's clothing culture. Kempins found that, while the fashion details may vary culture to culture, everyone strives in his own way to keep his best appearance. In his decade of travel, Kempins developed a deep understanding of life and art. In 2006, Kempins returned to Provence with a redefined concept of fashion. Understanding that everyone desires to express his own individual personality, Kempins organized his first fashion show in 2008 and shocked the fashion industry with his "Keep Best Style" concept, which has rapidly gained popularity in the fashion industry.

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Wei, Wei, & Co. LLP

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Republic of the Marshall Islands

Shishi, Fujian, China

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