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Kingsoft Cloud Holdings, Ltd.



Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited (“Kingsoft Cloud”) is the largest independent cloud service provider in China. Kingsoft Cloud has built a comprehensive and reliable cloud platform consisting of extensive cloud infrastructure, cutting-edge cloud products and well-architected industry-specific solutions across public cloud, enterprise cloud and AIoT cloud services. As an independently operated company, Kingsoft Cloud is able to fully mobilize its resources towards the innovation of its business models and provide high-quality services to all kinds of businesses and organizations. With its focus squarely on its cloud business, Kingsoft Cloud is able to avoid potential conflicts of interest with its customers and enhance its neutral position, which in turn gains additional trust from more and more customers.

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Location of Key Operations

IR Contact

Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP

IPO (May 8, 2021)

Cayman Islands

Haidian, Beijing, China


86-10-6292-7777 Ext. 6300

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