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Leju Holdings, Ltd.



Leju Holdings, Ltd. is a leading online-to-offline (O2O) real estate services provider in China. Leju's O2O real estate services integrate online information and marketing with offline promotion and transaction support. Leju offers real estate e-commerce, online advertising, and online listing services through its online platform, which comprises local websites covering more than 370 cities and various mobile applications. Leju integrates its online platform with complementary offline services to facilitate residential property transactions.
Leju offers e-commerce services in connection with new residential property sales and home furnishing; online advertising services in connection with new residential property sales and home furnishing; and online listing services for existing residential properties.
Leju's online real estate services offer a vast amount of internet user information and marketing tools to real estate industry players, while providing buyers with access to accurate property purchasing information and services, benefits such as discounts, and a reliable transaction platform. Its offline real estate services include sales of discount coupons to potential property purchasers, co-ordination of property and showroom visits, property inspections and ratings issued by reliable third parties, as well as on-site transaction support.
Leju's online real estate platform contains comprehensive and detailed real estate related data and information and effectively attracts and connects customers from China's leading internet media, search engine and other online and mobile communities. In addition to its own websites and mobile applications, Leju operates the real estate and home furnishing websites of SINA, China's leading internet media company. In addition, Leju is keen to adapt to changing technology trends, such as the rising popularity of online social media platforms and mobile applications. Leju has established strategic cooperation relationships with SINA's Weibo and Tencent's Weixin, two of China's leading social media platforms, and through Leju's proprietary mobile apps for both AppStore and Android operating systems. Leju believes that its ability to connect its platform with major internet entry points in China distinguishes it from its competitors and helps Leju enhance its brand and widen its customer base

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IPO (April 17, 2014)

Cayman Islands

Dongcheng, Beijing, China

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