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Lovarra offers solutions that help small-to-medium-sized businesses (“SMBs”) to provide access to and reduce transaction friction of e-commerce for their clients globally. The Company's solutions are provided through its core platform, operated as CreateApp ( (“CreateApp”), which allows SMBs to establish their point-of-presence on the web. The CreateApp platform enables SMBs to create a mobile app for their business without the need of technical knowledge, high investment, or background in IT by utilizing CreateApp, which is a platform that is offered as a Platform as a Service (“PaaS”). The Company provides PaaS to SMBs in a wide variety of industry sectors. The Company believes that SMBs can increase their sales, reach more customers, and promote their products and services using The Company's affordable and cost-effective solutions. The Company recognizes revenue on a pay to use subscription basis when customers use the PaaS platform to create mobile apps for their business.

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Centurion ZD CPA & Co.

IPO (August 9, 2019)


New York, New York



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