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MMTec, Inc.



MMTec, Inc. is a technology company in providing access to the U.S. financial markets. The core business of MMTec is to provide comprehensive, Internet-based technology services and solutions to the China local hedge funds, mutual funds, registered investment advisors, proprietary trading groups, and brokerage firms engaging in securities market transactions and settlements globally. MMTec helps these financial institutions to accelerate their integration into the overseas market by offering complete suite trading solutions, including services such as fund establishment, issuance, custody, transaction, and settlement.
MMTec's brokerage and technology clients are in Asia and USA. MMTec has established partnership of mutual respect and trust with a lot of different companies. With its experienced team members, MMTec has successfully developed comprehensive system that supports trading in multi-market, multi-currency, feature-rich sets of tools in an integrated platform with flexible application settings, so MMTec could offer better services with lower commission to its clients. MMTec's unique systems include ETN, PTN, and trading APPS.
Operating companies are Gujia (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (Trading Platforms, Market connectivity, Data services) and MM Trading LTD. (brokerage services) MMTec operates its companies with the vision of becoming a technology firm with international influence and creating the fastest trading process for non-US firms seeking access to the U.S. financial markets equity & option market. In many years of practices, MMTec is fully aware of the real needs of investors in China capital market and aim to offer its clients turnkey solutions to meet the technology, information and brokerage needs.

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MaloneBailey LLP

IPO (December 27, 2018)

British Virgin Islands

Chaoyang, Beijing, China

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