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Newater Technology, Inc.



Founded in 2012, Newater Technology, Inc. ("NEWA") is headquartered in Yantai, China, and operates its business through its wholly owned subsidiary Jinzheng Eco-Technology Co. Ltd. ("Jinzheng"). Jinzheng specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of disk tube reverse osmosis (DTRO) and disk tube nanofiltration (DTNF) membrane modules for wastewater treatment, recycling, and discharge. Jinzheng provides integrated technical solutions in engineering support, equipment installation, technical consulting and services. Additionally, Jinzheng offers integrated technical solutions relating to projects that are specifically deigned to convert wastewater to valuable clean water.

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MaloneBailey LLP

IPO (July 28, 2018)

British Virgin Islands

Yantai, China


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