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TDH Holdings, Inc.



TDH Holdings, Inc. ("TDH"), is a developer, manufacturer and distributer of a variety of pet food products under multiple brands that are sold in the PRC, Asia and Europe. TDH has four production facilities with daily capacity of approximately 15 tons and offers in excess of 200 products, including pet chews, dried pet snacks, wet canned pet food, dental health snacks, and baked pet biscuits, as well as non-food items like dog leashes, pet toys, etc.
TDH's production processes are developed based upon a number of in-house developed technologies. Currently, TDH has been granted 9 invention and utility model patents and applied 4 more patents. TDH owns one facility and leases three others, with a total production area of approximately 250,000 square feet built to high quality food production standards, all of which are located at the areas with developed transport facilities in the coastal city of Qingdao City Shandong Province. THD's Canning facility has 20 years of export processing history. TDH's total daily production capacity at these facilities is approximately 15 tons. TDH employs approximately 230 full-time at its facilities.
TDH's multi-platform sales approach connects its production output to customers in the PRC, Asia, Europe and North America. TDH's rapid growth businesses, especially its most promising business of cross-border e-commerce and domestic e-commerce, is moving it forward to be one of the leading manufacturers of pet snacks in China and beyond. Starting from 2013, TDH utilizes online sale and multi-brand, multi-store brand sale strategies. TDH uses,, 1688, YHD, EBay, and Amazon as its marketing platforms and establish a comprehensive network of various brand shops in China, and set up direct sale website in Europe and US. All of TDH's products are sold under several different brand names, including, among others, Pet Cuisine, Hum & Cheer, Like, TDH, Tiandihui and Dog Zone Sasami. TDH's sales and marketing team consists of 2 integral groups; an original design manufacturer (ODM) domestic (PRC) marketing group, and ODM overseas marketing group. TDH operates a B2F (business-2-factory) business model. TDH maintains a call service center in Qingdao with approximately 9 trained, multilingual personnel to address customer service matters arising from sales in the PRC and abroad.
For its marketing and sales efforts in the PRC market, TDH focuses on four key markets from the first-tier cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. TDH divides the overseas markets into the North American, the Asian, the European, the African, the ASEAN, the Australian and the emerging markets. TDH is currently one of the few Chinese pet food factories that have met the Amazon global retail qualifications for pet food.

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