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Planet Green Holdings Corp.



Planet Green Holdings Corp. was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, US. It is a modern technology enterprise group integrating artificial intelligence, biological extraction, tea product research and development, production and sales. Its subsidiary Bozhuang Tea Co., Ltd. was born in Bodun, Xianning, Hubei in 1590. Since ancient times, Planet Green's "Shengrongchuan" green brick tea has been sold to countries in Europe and Asia along the "Wanli Tea Ceremony" and has become a legend of tea merchants handed down to the world.
On June 5, 2020, Green Planet USA announced that it has signed a share exchange agreement with Fast Approach Inc. According to the agreement, Green Planet will acquire all the outstanding shares of the target company. Fast Approach Inc is a Canadian software company with a leadership team composed of market researchers and data scientists. Planet Green's main product, FA DSP, provides a unique advertising platform to help North American brands explore opportunities in the Chinese market, and is one of the few in North America. The successful docking of DSP overseas full-service operators in the Chinese market. After FA joined the Green Planet Group, it is convenient to accelerate the development of China's business, not only can provide convenient and efficient advertising services for overseas companies, but also an important link to unblock the Sino-US-Canada market. Planet Green hopes that the collision and integration of traditional culture and the cutting-edge of science and technology will jointly promote the enterprise to a new stage.

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