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Quhuo, Ltd.



Quhuo, Ltd. ("Quhuo") is the largest workforce operational solution platform in China. Quhuo provides tech-enabled, end-to-end operational solutions to blue-chip on-demand consumer service businesses in industries with significant ecommerce exposure, including food delivery, ride-hailing, housekeeping and bike-sharing. In 2019, Quhuo ranked No.1 in the on-demand food delivery solution market in terms of both the number of delivery orders and revenue, with a market share equal to that of the next top four market players combined in terms of revenue, according to the F&S report. Within the on-demand consumer service ecosystem, Quhuo plays a unique and indispensable role as the link between consumer service businesses and the end consumers to enable the delivery of goods, services and experiences to consumers.

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Ernst & Young LLP

IPO (July 10, 2020)

Cayman Islands

Beijing, China

Annia Sun, Internal

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