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Renren, Inc.



Renren, Inc. operates a leading premium used auto business in China through its subsidiary Kaixin Auto Holdings (NASDAQ: KXIN) as well as several U.S.-based SaaS businesses. Renren's used automobile business provides car purchasers in China with access to a wide selection of used vehicles across our network, with a focus on premium brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Porsche. In addition, Renren arranges financing options for customers through Ping An Bank and other financial services partners. Renren also offers value-added services including warranties, insurance and after-sale products and services. Renren's after-sale products and services include registration, detailing, maintenance and accessories. Renren's used automotive sales are growing rapidly.
Renren's SaaS business began with its launch of Chime in August 2016 and it was further expanded by its acquisition of Geographic Farming, LLC, in August 2017. Chime is an all-in-one real estate solution provider and Geographic Farming is a 360 degree real estate marketing and media service provider. Unlike Renren's other businesses, its SaaS business is currently focused on the U.S. market rather than the China market.

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Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuck LLP

IPO (May 4, 2011)

Cayman Islands

Chaoyang, Beijing, China


86-10-8417 6807

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