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China SXT Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



China SXT Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("China SXT") is an innovative pharmaceutical company based in Taizhou, Jiangsu of China, focusing on the research, development, manufacture, marketing and sales of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces ("TCMP"), and particularly, Advanced TCMP (Directed-oral TCMP, and After-soaking TCMP) which is a sort of Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") that has been processed to be ready for use without decoction. TCMPs have been widely accepted by Chinese people for thousands of years.
"Su Xuangtang (SXT)", which has almost 280 years of history, is a famous TCM brand in Eastern China. Due of its brand recognition, SXT has received many awards from the local government such as the Jiangsu Taizhou Famous Product Award, and Well-known Brand Trademark granted by the government of Taizhou city. To some, SXT is more than just a TCM brand; it is a symbol of tradition and culture, which Chinese customers value deeply.
China SXT devotes substantial resources to the research and development of new products, which do not require additional approval from regulatory agencies unless the products are Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine(TCPMs). The company has submitted 13 invention patent applications with the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC. All of these patents are under process of substantive exam.
Dr. Jingzhen Deng, a veteran in the TCM industry, joined the company as a vice president in June 2013 and rebuilt the R&D team. Since 2013, he has been the Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Deng has 16 years of experiences at university and pharmaceutical companies specializing in natural products in the USA and more than 20 years at TCM related universities and institutes and a pharmaceutical company in China. He established the general R&D strategy to use modern technology to revolutionize TCMP production and continue developing newly advanced and non-decocting TCMP/TCM products capable of meeting the highest quality standard.
The strategy includes a calculated system of studying aqueous extracting ratio and fingerprint or characteristic charts of components, quantization of bioactive compounds, quality control, stability, development of production process of TCMP products, and establishing a higher benchmark for advanced TCMP products in China.

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