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Tarena International, Inc.



Tarena International, Inc. has an innovative education platform combining live distance instruction, classroom-based tutoring and online learning modules. For each class, instructors deliver lectures from one classroom in Beijing to students in the same classroom as well as to students at Tarena learning centers across China via simultaneous webcast. To facilitate a disciplined and focused learning environment, Tarena staffs each classroom at its learning centers with one or two on-site teaching assistants to tutor and supervise students. Tarena complements the live instruction and tutoring with its proprietary learning management system, named the Tarena Teaching System, or TTS. TTS has five core functions, featuring course content, self-assessment exams, student and teaching staff interaction tools, student management tools and an online student community. Through this education platform, Tarena provides job-oriented education with measurable outcomes, as demonstrated by high job placement rates and students' academic performance.

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Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuck LLP

IPO (April 3, 2014)

Cayman Islands

Chaoyang, Beijing, China


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