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UP Fintech Holding, Ltd.



UP Fintech Holding, Ltd., known as "Tiger Brokers" in Asia, is a leading online brokerage firm focusing on global investors. UP Fintech's proprietary mobile and online trading platform enables investors to trade in equities and other financial instruments on multiple exchanges around the world. The firm offers innovative products and services as well as a superior user experience to its customers through a "mobile first" strategy, which enables it to better serve and retain current customers as well as attract new ones.
UP Fintech offers customers comprehensive brokerage and value-added services, including trade order placement and execution, margin financing, IPO subscription, ESOP management, investor education, community discussion and customer support.
UP Fintech's proprietary infrastructure and advanced technology are able to support trades across multiple currencies, multiple markets, multiple products, multiple execution venues and multiple clearinghouses.

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Location of Key Operations

IR Contact

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA LLP

IPO (March 20, 2019)

Cayman Islands

Beijing, China

Clark S. Soucy, Internal

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