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WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc.



WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. focuses on computer vision holographic cloud service. It is one of the excellent integrated entities of holographic cloud industry in China, covering industrial chain and performance. Its goal is to become a potential and internationally influential holographic cloud platform.
WiMi Hologram has covered plenty of holographic AR technologies range from holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic vision presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development to holographic face recognition development, holographic AI face DeepFakes development and Holographic AR vehicle,which is capable of providing the one-stop service. At present, it has grown into one of the leading providers of holographic cloud integrated technology solutions in China.
WiMi Hologram has made great breakthroughs and leap-forward development in the fields of holographic applications, such as in advertising, entertainment, education, and 5G communication, which aims to make deep research and development as well as market application in every links from the aspects of the holographic 3D computer visual image acquisition, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation and application. And additionally, it is dedicated to building up a service platform with strong extensibility and openness, and establishing a bridge between holographic technology application and holographic computer vision presentation in the hope of realizing the application and presentation of holographic computer vision in different scenes, so as to promote the leap-forward development of the industry, and realize the vision of WiMi Hologram, that is, to "become the creator and founder of Chinese holographic ecology."

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Friedman LLP

IPO (April 1, 2020)

Cayman Islands

Beijing, China


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